Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wicked Wednesday 9

She changed out of her uniform, tired in a good way, and said good-bye to the couple of lingering waitresses. She ignored Michael, because that’s what he seemed to want, but when she passed him on her way out he looked up and sent her a smile as heart-stopping 
as it was sweet. 

She stumbled and before she could right herself her arm was taken in a firm grip. Her first uncontrollable thought—oh God, he’s found me I’m dead—caused her to scream so loudly that Mrs. G came running from her back office.

Selene had jerked from the grip and slid down the wall to huddle shaking on the floor before she realized it was not Robert. It was Trey.

He stood glowering down at her with a look in his eyes that screamed murder, and for the first time since she’d met him she truly afraid of him. 

He bent over and encircled her upper arms with his big hands, and jerked her to her feet.

“No, no, don’t…” was all she could choke out.

But he only pulled her against his chest and with his palm against her head, kept her there.

“What on earth?” Mrs. G asked.

 Selene didn’t wrap her arms around his waist, as much as she wanted to. She hung limply in his grip,   humiliated and furious with herself  for having such a knee-jerk reaction. Furious with Robert for terrorizing her even though he was so far away.

“I’m going to take her home,” Trey said. “Come with me, Michael.”

She frowned against the softness of his shirt. Michael? And then  … home? By the time it occurred to her that he meant her home, he had picked her up and was carrying her to her car. 

“Got her keys? Open her doors.” Then he looked down at her. “Michael will follow and pick me up after I’ve dropped you off. I don’t want you driving.” He sat her gently in the passenger side of  her car, then hurried around to slide under the steering wheel.

Her heart  was slowing its erratic beat and all  that remained was the slow burn of  humiliation. “I’m fine, Mr. Colucci.” 

She glanced at him long enough to see one dark brow raised, a half smile on his face.

“Sweetheart, I’ve been inside you. I think it’s okay to do away with the mister.”

Excerpt from Moonrise
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