Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wicked Wednesday 8

...With  each  suck  he  pulled  something  from  her,  a  long,  thin  line  of  ecstasy  that seemed to start  in  her  belly and  pussy  and  move  through  her  in  a  long, slow wave. By the fourth suck, her entire body was affected, and she arched her back and screamed again.

 It was too much. Something  had  to  happen,  some  explosion  that  would  relieve  the pressure  building  inside  her  and  bring  a  climatic end  to  the  torture.  She  needed  to come.

  He  slid  a long  finger  inside  her  and  fucked  her gently —too gently, too slowly, too  good.   She  hadn’t  known  such  sensations  existed.  Please,  please.   She  couldn’t  speak, could  barely  form  coherent  thoughts, just  hoped  soon  he  would  release  her  to  orgasm.

  When  she  thought  she  might  rather  die  than  continue  with  such  unending  pleasure,  he  finally  pulled  his  fangs  from  her  flesh  and  straightened.

   His  skin  was  brighter,  his  once-black  eyes  were  now  blue  fire,  his  hair  shiny. He  unbelted  and  dropped  his  robe, where  it  was  immediately  scooped  up  by  an  attentive  Dominique,  and  he  walked  to  her  side  to  show  her  his  erection.

  “This  is  what  you  have  given  me,  Natasha.”

  He  was  whipcord  lean  and  slim,  without  a  single  ounce  of  fat  evident  on  his  pale body.  His  hard  cock was  long  and  thick  with  an  angry  reddish  head  that  somehow  must  fit  inside  her.  His  dick  was  huge,  like  a  fleshy  battering  ram.  It  almost  looked  too  big   for  his  body  and  the  sight  of  it  inflamed  her  to  the  point  that  she  jerked  at  her  restraints,  angry.

 “Please!”  she  cried,  afraid  that  he’d  leave  her  deprived  and  hurting.  “Please,  Master!”

From Total Depravity
Available now at Ellora's Cave

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