Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wicked Wednesday 5

Fear rushed through her when Mach grunted and Elder straddled her body, facing away from her. He kept his weight off her by folding his legs beneath him and rising slightly, but she still felt the heaviness of his body.

His balls slid against her belly when he moved, and all she could see was his back and ass. She put her hands on his ass and pushed, but she would’ve had better luck moving a boulder. He didn’t budge.

Day came, sneaking up on them before she’d realized it was the end of night, and she drew in a deep, harsh breath.

At least the night shadows had kept her feeling partially hidden, but now, with the brightness of day, she’d be well and truly exposed to every eye in the camp.

Elder bent forward and hooked her behind the knees, pulling her legs up and open so widely she cried out. He ignored her hands on his skin; she beat at him, scraped her nails down his flesh, and he didn’t acknowledge her at all.

Stark against the lightening sky, Mach stared down at her, then leaned over and stroked her pussy.

She screamed, unable to help herself, and watched as Danix crept ever closer. He had his cock in his fist, she was dismayed to see, and she wondered if he decided to take her right then, could Mach stop him?

Would he?

Mach answered her question before it was asked of him. He straightened and turned toward the housekeeper, his growl a low warning.

For a moment, the two huge warriors faced each other, cocks equally hard and huge, then Danix backed off.
Elder pulled her legs open even farther, and even as she yelled in anger, she slid her hand between his ass and her belly and felt for his heavy sac.

“Careful,” he murmured.

She moaned as Mach continued massaging her clit. He pushed his fingers inside her, fucking her with them deep and slow, both hands busy bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Fight!” Danix’s yell pierced her brain like a poison-tipped arrow and sent a shot of adrenaline through her body.

But she didn’t need him to give her permission to fight. She’d been headed down that path before he’d even opened his mouth. After all, Elder had already informed her of Danix’s proclivity for violence...

~Dark Paradise

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