Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dark Paradise Review

Dark Paradise

Review from NOR reviewer Bookgrrl1976

"Cassidy Hunter's Dark Paradise is a science fiction/ fantasy/ post-apocolyptic/ romance. This book has it all: strong heroine forced to rely upon her wits (and boy, does she!), aliens, and two very fine individuals who are more than willing, nay, eager, to add the third to their duo.

Cin has been sent to a prison colony, forcing her to leave her daughter behind. She is compelled to earn her pass to paradise in the bounties she collects. When she hears grunting and groaning by a nearby copse, she is intrigued. As she watches, a dominant man and his smaller lover have sex, which titillates her. Unknown to her, she is not as hidden as she thought and soon she meets Elder and Mach- one is a half human alien and the other a convicted felon.

The world building in Dark Paradise is incredible. Hunter does a fabulous job describing all facets to Cin's new world. I really enjoyed the book and I really, really look forward to the follow up story."

Thanks Bookgrrl and Nor!

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