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I'm going to give a book away in celebration of....of whatever :)

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Wicked Wednesday 6

...She would be attractive to a man, as deep inside her the female Gamlogi stirred and beckoned, but he wouldn’t understand that. Not yet.

His eyes darkened further, but she also saw a spark of doubt. He was so close she could have kissed him or licked the beads of water from his skin. And as she thought it, she did it. She leaned into him and darted out her tongue to touch him.

“Damn you,” he groaned, his voice strained and raw and horrified. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Who are you?”

“Shhh,” she whispered and moved a little closer. His hand still lay at her throat, heavy and warm and almost helpless. She’d brought the big, bad Copas to his knees, and part of her was proud. The other part was simply hot. So turned on she could barely breathe, she eased still closer.

Their bodies were touching, just barely, and she reached up to close his eyes. “Just feel me, Jak.” She took her fingers away, and his eyes remained closed. His breathing was harsh, his big body tight, straining.

Slowly she slid her hand down his chest, over his belly, and to his hard, huge cock. As soon as she touched the tip of it, he jerked, and she could see his jaw bunch as he clenched his teeth. But he didn’t shove her away.

She moved her hands around to his hips and gently pushed him into her, sighing when his hands went to her shoulders. It still wasn’t a caress, or even relaxed, but his fight was less.

The water lapped gently around them. The moon cast a gentle glow, and the world was quiet. She felt insulated with him, as though there was no one else in the world but the two of them. And they weren’t two unfriendly bounty hunters after the same target. They were just two people who wanted each other.

No sense in fighting it.

Once again she touched his erection, smiling when his reactive jerk was smaller and quicker. He threw his head back, still unwilling to look at her, but that was okay. She understood.

She wrapped her hand around him, trailing tender kisses over his chest. His fingers tightened on her shoulders, and she pressed him to walk backward to shallower water.

He trembled as she knelt before him and took him into her mouth, his quiet groans urging her on. It surprised her how much she actually wanted to please him.

She cupped his firm, wet sac and slid him in and nearly out of her mouth, swirling her tongue around his hard length like he was the tastiest treat she’d ever had.

Despite his pleasure, Jak was tortured. She could feel it in the tightness of his grip, the strain of his body. “I can’t,” he finally muttered and arched himself away from her.

She sat in the water, torn, as he splashed away from her. She wanted him like she’d never wanted anybody, but was that lust enough to make up for the trouble it would cause if she showed him her true self?

Her gaze on his hard, wet body as he strode from the water, she just sat there, unable to make up her mind.

Jak, Jak.

He decided for her as he snatched his clothes off the ground and faded into the shadows...

~Fierce Paradise--Book two in the Paradise series at Loose Id
~Fierce Paradise at All Romance eBooks
~Fierce Paradise for Nook
~Fierce Paradise for Kindle

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New Banner

This banner--with my new tagline-- was just made for me. If anyone would like to take it to display on your website, please do! Just right click and 'save as' to your computer, then upload to your website. Authors, if you'd like to do a banner exchange, just let me know. Click banner for larger image.

Short and Sweet

“The donor has arrived,” her shadow said. “The walking cock is here.”

Mila gave Cho a level look. “Walking cock, Cho? Really?”

He returned her look with a cool one of his own. “Really. That’s what he is, sweet. That's all he is. A cock. It will shoot into you the seed that you need to get the one thing you want more than anything else in the world.”

“Hush, Cho.”

Wild Rose ran inside, her cheeks flushed a bright red. “He’s here, Mila!”

Mila wrapped her arms around the other woman, her heart pounding hard from excitement. “Is he very ugly,” she whispered, “and quite hideous?”

~First Night at Liquid Silver Books
~First Night at All Romance ebooks + first chapter
~First Night at

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My new tagline:

Cassidy Hunter--Dark worlds, wicked people, erotic romance. Let's dance, little humans.


I love it!

Short and Sweet

...He pushed his breeches over his hips and stood before her, naked and proud.
Glancing over his shoulder to see if the clan was indeed spying, he put his hands on his hips and waved his enormous cock at her. “I don’t know what you’ve heard, Mila. Ednians would make you blush with their unashamed ways.”

She barely heard him. Oh…the man was pure masculine beauty. He was sex. Her pussy clenched with the desire to have him inside her. Her lungs froze, refusing entry to whatever air she might be able to drag inside her gaping mouth. Unable to swallow, she feared she might actually drool in front of this man. This god.

~First Night

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Words: 42000
Intense Edgy Erotic Romance
One clan whose men can’t impregnate their women. One clan that does their duty. One woman who wants a baby more than anything. One man who gives her the chance. A terrible curse, jealousy, revenge, and attempted murder. Join Lake in a race against time to save the woman he loves and his unborn child.


Five stars from Goodreads member Yvette Davis--
"I pretty much only give 5 stars to a book that I would gladly read again. And this is one that I would gladly read again."

"'s why YOU should buy this book, NOW:

1. You like vampire stories, but you don't like them all warm and fuzzy. You want some danger to your read.

2. You like smutty interludes with odd creatures.

3. You like to mix it up with a dark -fairly tale like - read once in a while that grips you by your toes and makes you squeal!

4. You like girls and guys that are tough enough to do what they need to do, and don't mind seeing a few of the characters who gave the H/H a bad time coming to a bad end!

5. In summary, you like smutty fairy-tale-like dark stories about vampires who aren't as nice as they seem (pet, pet, but don't bite!) and like a read that will keep you turning the page for hours at a time.

So go BUY it already."


From Charity at Nocturne Romance Reads--

"Thank you Cassidy Hunter and Liquid Silver Books! I will definitely be rereading this one!

...this book is a Paranormal Romance Erotica…and I loved it! This is definitely a 5 HOOT worthy book..."

First Night

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Happy Valentine's Day...

I hope you all have a perfect day with the ones you love.


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Wicked Wednesday 5

Fear rushed through her when Mach grunted and Elder straddled her body, facing away from her. He kept his weight off her by folding his legs beneath him and rising slightly, but she still felt the heaviness of his body.

His balls slid against her belly when he moved, and all she could see was his back and ass. She put her hands on his ass and pushed, but she would’ve had better luck moving a boulder. He didn’t budge.

Day came, sneaking up on them before she’d realized it was the end of night, and she drew in a deep, harsh breath.

At least the night shadows had kept her feeling partially hidden, but now, with the brightness of day, she’d be well and truly exposed to every eye in the camp.

Elder bent forward and hooked her behind the knees, pulling her legs up and open so widely she cried out. He ignored her hands on his skin; she beat at him, scraped her nails down his flesh, and he didn’t acknowledge her at all.

Stark against the lightening sky, Mach stared down at her, then leaned over and stroked her pussy.

She screamed, unable to help herself, and watched as Danix crept ever closer. He had his cock in his fist, she was dismayed to see, and she wondered if he decided to take her right then, could Mach stop him?

Would he?

Mach answered her question before it was asked of him. He straightened and turned toward the housekeeper, his growl a low warning.

For a moment, the two huge warriors faced each other, cocks equally hard and huge, then Danix backed off.
Elder pulled her legs open even farther, and even as she yelled in anger, she slid her hand between his ass and her belly and felt for his heavy sac.

“Careful,” he murmured.

She moaned as Mach continued massaging her clit. He pushed his fingers inside her, fucking her with them deep and slow, both hands busy bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Fight!” Danix’s yell pierced her brain like a poison-tipped arrow and sent a shot of adrenaline through her body.

But she didn’t need him to give her permission to fight. She’d been headed down that path before he’d even opened his mouth. After all, Elder had already informed her of Danix’s proclivity for violence...

~Dark Paradise

Friday, February 8, 2013

Short and Sweet

The men pushed her to the ground, working together as though they had done this before and knew exactly what to do and when to do it.

~Dark Paradise

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Dark Paradise Review

Dark Paradise

Review from NOR reviewer Bookgrrl1976

"Cassidy Hunter's Dark Paradise is a science fiction/ fantasy/ post-apocolyptic/ romance. This book has it all: strong heroine forced to rely upon her wits (and boy, does she!), aliens, and two very fine individuals who are more than willing, nay, eager, to add the third to their duo.

Cin has been sent to a prison colony, forcing her to leave her daughter behind. She is compelled to earn her pass to paradise in the bounties she collects. When she hears grunting and groaning by a nearby copse, she is intrigued. As she watches, a dominant man and his smaller lover have sex, which titillates her. Unknown to her, she is not as hidden as she thought and soon she meets Elder and Mach- one is a half human alien and the other a convicted felon.

The world building in Dark Paradise is incredible. Hunter does a fabulous job describing all facets to Cin's new world. I really enjoyed the book and I really, really look forward to the follow up story."

Thanks Bookgrrl and Nor!

Dark Paradise at Loose Id
Dark Paradise at Amazon

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wicked Wednesday 4

~From Asylum, book two in the Sanctuary series

He stood, blocking her escape. “Well, get the fucking coat off before I rip it to shreds.”

She frowningly studied the damage he’d done but looked up quickly at his words. Or his tone. He was never real sure which. Her eyes narrowed, a sure sign she was pissed. He didn’t mind Kimmy pissed, the little spitfire. She turned him on when she fought him. Just like he turned her on when he took command and control. He knew his Kimmy.

“I’m going back to Sanctuary.” She turned her perfect little nose up at him and spun around, like she thought he’d actually let her go.

He smiled, unable to help himself. “Nah, baby. You’re not.” He grabbed a handful of the back of her coat and yanked her against his chest. “You came for this, didn’t you?” He pushed his fingers inside her coat and felt for the hem of her shirt. He skimmed his fingers over her warm belly, then cupped a soft, naked breast.

She squirmed against him, and he bent his knees so her backside wiggled against his hard cock. “Damn you, Elijah. Why do you have to make me so mad?”

“Why do you have to make me so horny?”


He squeezed her breast, hard. “Shut up, Kimmy. I’ve got better things for you to do with your mouth than talk. Besides…” With his free hand, he unfastened her jeans, thrusting his hand down inside her thin panties. “We’ve got an audience.”

He found her clit and began rubbing, growling low in his throat when she shuddered against him. She sniffed the air. “Elijah, no! Who?”

“Some bored wolves looking for a quick thrill.” He rubbed faster, getting her little clit so excited that she moaned and melted against him. Kimmy was sex.

Regretfully, he took his hands from her body and started pulling at her clothes. “Let’s get you naked, Kimmy girl. And don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm.”

She groaned as he pulled her this way and that, until at last she stood bare and shivering in the cold. Her lips were parted, and she panted slightly, not even attempting to hide her body from him or the hidden, watching eyes.

He couldn’t help but stare for a moment. His Kimmy had a body that would make a man do pretty much anything she wanted, but she hadn’t seemed to grasp that little fact yet. She might be a sweet healer, but she’d also admitted long ago that sex was her drug, and she was extremely addicted.

Something about that, knowing that she couldn’t resist, that she had that much need, drove him crazy. And he liked giving her what she needed. Fuck, yeah.

Her nipples hardened, from the cold or his regard—he couldn’t tell and didn’t care. And while he stood staring at her like a kid staring at the most amazing toy he’d ever seen, she turned and ran.

He groaned. Kimmy was so fucking much work. But he couldn’t think of anyone more worth it. Growling to give her warning that he was hot on her trail, he ran after her.

There were certain perks to being the fourth. His Kimmy was one of the biggest and best.

He followed her through the woods, his gaze upon her white backside. “Kimberlyn, stop!”

But her laugh floated to his ears as the fleet-footed tease nimbly dodged trees and low, reaching limbs, laughing, perhaps, at his clumsy and loud pursuit. He crashed through that which she would have danced around, but Kimberlyn, though fast, would never outrun him.

He could have shifted and caught her, but he didn’t need his wolf to catch a single female. After all, she hadn’t shifted.

Breath billowing from him in great clouds, he drew close enough to hear her pants of excitement, of fear. He knew he could be too rough sometimes, but she surely knew there was a line he wouldn’t cross. But Kimmy liked the…fear.

And he knew that was why she provoked him.

Her squeal as he caught her only fueled his passion, and he bore her to the cold ground. “Did you really think you could outrun me?”

Her chest rose and fell as she panted, her wide gaze plastered to his. “Get off me. This ground is hard. And cold.”

He ignored her words, his mind on the way her breasts jiggled slightly, the way they seemed to grow even bigger when she inhaled. Her nipples were stiff red points, just begging for his mouth. He was happy to oblige.

“Logan wouldn’t like this,” she whispered.

He drew her nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the tiny piece of heaven as he sucked. She dug her nails into his shoulders, arching her back, pushing her nipple farther into his mouth.

“God, Elijah!”

His clothes were restrictive, smothering, and he couldn’t wait to tear them off. Letting her nipple pop from his mouth, he rose up on his knees and peeled off his shirt, just as quickly ridding himself of his boots and jeans.
His cock grew larger and heavier beneath her hot regard, and he watched her as he pushed his boxers over his hips. Hearing her gasp when his cock sprang free pleased him, and he grinned down at her.

“What?” he asked.

“I always forget how enormous you are.”

Yeah, he liked to hear it. What man wouldn’t?

She reached for him. “Get down here, Elijah Berry.”

She shifted her legs, and he knelt between them. Just the touch of her skin against his made him hot, so hot.

And the way she looked, all dark red hair, pale skin, those big eyes of hers looking at him like he was the best thing she’d ever seen. Like she wanted him more than anyone else. More than Logan, more than Andrew.

Dammit. He was becoming way too soft. And that wouldn’t do. He was the fucking alpha’s bodyguard. He could snap the head off a werebear. Yet here he was, wondering if this girl wanted him more than she wanted the other two.

If she didn’t now, she soon would. He knew how to push her buttons. Too bad he didn’t have any rope handy. He couldn’t give her that. She had a taste for restraints, did his Kimmy.

But she had a taste for something else, something he could give her.

“Elijah, come here!”

“Be quiet, girl.”

She growled and rose up enough to punch him in the stomach.

Felt like a mosquito bite. He laughed and grabbed her legs, flipping her over to her stomach. For a moment, the sight of her round ass made him forget what he was doing. Damn, but she was one fine-looking woman.

She tried to flip back over and nearly succeeded before he put a knee in the small of her back, effectively holding her right where he wanted her. He rested his weight on his other knee. His big body would have cracked her spine, otherwise.

“Let me up, you fucking animal!”

He swatted her on her quivering ass. He didn’t think he’d smacked her hard, but the red imprint of his hand was clear on the white of her skin.

She shrieked. “Elijah!”

He smacked her again, taking time to give her a quick caress to take the sting out. Or maybe just because he wanted any excuse to touch her magnificent ass. His cock felt like it was going to explode if it didn’t get some relief soon, but he had an iron will. She was going to get a spanking.

And it wasn’t like she didn’t have it coming.

Asylum (Book two in the series)
Sanctuary (Book one in the Series)

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Short and Sweet

She felt it then, an unbreakable, mystifying bond that would, she knew, last for as long as she lived. She was part of the vampire.
She was his.
“Nooooooo!” she howled, even as another orgasm splintered her will, drained her strength, and drowned her in unforgettable pleasure.
She belonged to the vampire.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review of Total Depravity

From Cecile at All I want and More

"...If you have visited my blog in the past, you know that I have read a few of Ms. Cassidy's book and I thoroughly enjoyed them... She does a great job at developing her the world she is going to put you in... She brings details out to make sure you feel surrounded by the words you are reading. She makes you feel enveloped in the passion. And she does the same in Total Depravity...

This is a short story but it is packed with so much emotion. Natasha's emotions roll off her and off the pages... She will saturate you with her depressed life... She will bring you the brink of non-existence but pull you out.

This is a great story with a lot of twist and turns... This story twist around and turns and brings you around... It will tempt you and tease you and surprise you.. Believe me, there is an ending I did not see coming. The vampires live on her fear... But the wolf... He lives on something all together different..."

To read the full review click here

Thank you for the review, Cecile!

Also available with EC Dubious Consent