Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wicked Wednesday 2

~The following excerpt is from Beyond the Shadows

He’d spent a lot of time tormenting and pleasing her; now it was her turn. She straightened and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Can I tie your hands behind your back?”

“No. I need to touch you.” He put a finger against her lips. “But I swear you may do anything you wish to me, and I will make no move to stop you.”

His voice, strained and raw, scraped along her nerve endings and made her cold and hot all at once. She shivered, her nipples tightening to painful points. “I can do anything at all?”

“Yes.” And there it was, that trust she’d broken now handed back to her on a beautiful silver platter.

Her vision swam for a brief second in a relieved sea of tears before she fought them back and smiled up at him, her heart, she was sure, in her eyes. “Thank you.”

He touched her cheek with his calloused fingertips. “You are difficult to resist, my Sarah.”

In that moment, she realized what it was like to love, truly love, a man. “Oh my God.”

“What is it?” He smiled down at her, his full lips curling, his eyes soft.

“I… Nothing. Just, nothing.” She took his hand, leading him to the enormous, sunken tub. As she bent to start the water, he grasped the hem of her billowy skirt and pulled it over her hips.

Her breath came quickly, and she forgot the water as he rubbed his fingers between her legs, over her clit, over her buttocks, and into the small hole between them.

Gasping at the intrusion, she jerked away, but he followed her, his voice soothing. “Stay still, love.”

Her teeth worried her bottom lip, as she stayed obediently bent over, clenching the water controls. Water fell in a thunder of sound, swirling into the tub, hot or cold, she had no inkling or care which.

He teased her clit with the fingers of one hand, and when she moaned, he once again slid a finger into her ass.

“Just relax, baby.”

 She gave herself over to his attentions, helpless to do otherwise. He had complete control once he began touching her. Still, she made a halfhearted attempt. “It was my turn…”

“In a second, I promise.” The heat in his voice seared her skin and turned her mind to mush. Each time was more intense than the last. If this kept up, soon she’d be unable to do more than lie about with her legs open, waiting for him to thrust inside her…

She focused on his fingers sliding through her moisture, plucking at her plump, sensitive clitoris, then slipping into her. Her pussy clenched around his fingers in a reflexive grip. And the whole time, another finger slipped in and out of her ass, deeper and deeper with each plunge, until she was crying out with pleasure, thrusting back against his hand, eager for the looming, consuming orgasm. And he didn’t withdraw and make her wait; faster and faster, his fingers worked, his murmurs and talented hands working her over, until her climax burst upon her with all the shock and power of a raging storm, and she was trapped in its midst.

Had he not caught her, she would have fallen, but he was there, kneeling, cradling her in his arms when the orgasm receded. He watched her, the look on his face nearly enough to send her into another climax. Hot, so very hot.

His teeth flashed in a wolfish white smile. “Little witch.”

“You’re the witch,” she whispered, meaning it. “Your touches…” She shook her head, amazed at what he did to her. “There are no words.”

Proud, he stroked a thumb over her nipple. “Now it’s your turn.”


 ~Beyond the Shadows available now with Loose Id

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