Monday, January 14, 2013

Moonlight Monday

“Don’t fear your needs,” Elder whispered, suddenly lying beside her, his deep voice in her ear. “Don’t be ashamed of your desire.”

“How did he know?” she asked. She meant the words for Elder, but her stare was on Mach.

He knelt above her, dark and dangerous and full of energy, and plied his fingers between her legs with an expertise she’d seldom felt.

The night of violence and blood and fear had left her in need of a washing in the nearest creek, but the miners of Ripindal grew accustomed to such circumstances. Her body would not disgust these men, any more than theirs would disgust her.

Still, she was a woman and would have preferred a perfumed bath in the hot springs, with a sharp knife at hand to slice off whatever stubble had grown out, and a minty cream to wash out her mouth.

But Mach ran a finger inside her and began a tormenting exploration, and thoughts of bathing fled. Elder slid his hand over her ribs and squeezed a breast until it bulged from his hard grip, then lowered his head and licked the distended nipple.

She groaned at the mix of pain and pleasure, at being so helpless and bound and forced to submit to their hard caresses. She was somehow sure they would stop if she asked them and was afraid to find out.

Mach moved quickly to kneel between her spread legs. Meeting her eyes for a brief second, he ripped loose the rope that held her ankle, then slid his hands beneath her ass and lifted her lower body off the ground.

~From Dark Paradise--first book in the Paradise series

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