Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dark Paradise Review

MR Review
Rating: 5/5 Stars  
Reviewer: AlexJouJou
What happens in a world where murder is punished by banishment and service to others on another planet? Unfortunately for Cin, she finds herself in that situation. In Cin's case the fact that the murder was justified means nothing, she is still stuck on Ripindal mining and searching for shrube's for those who oversee her punishment. It is promised that if she finds ten shrube's she will be allowed to enter Paradise and Cin fervently believes that as, if she didn't, she would likely chose the easier option and off herself. When she runs into Mach and Elder, also hunting for shrube's, she is petrified they will rape her and kill her and dispose of her body alongside the road. Mach is a half-breed and Elder was a doctor with a family before. What follows next is the opposite of her fears as the three establish a camaraderie that is constantly challenged by an evil group headed up by Danix who wants Cin as his slave. The challenges don't come only in people though; the land is inhospitable and all sorts of creatures and threats lurk around every corner. In a place where friendship and caring are as foreign as the planet itself can three prisoners find love?

I have to say I've been reading Cassidy Hunter books for a while and while the first efforts I read were very good she is clearly passing the line into great now as she evolves. The setting here is sparsely described, in perfect keeping with the planet itself. The characters crash into your heart and you cannot help but love each of them for who they are. You cheer, you gasp, and you wince as the events unfold. Although this looks more like a SciFi dystopian novel I can tell you several times I gasped and held my breath. The suspense was positively electric. Then Dark Paradise went toward an ending I didn't expect, though it was in perfect keeping with the former part of the book. It leaves room open for the sequel which must be coming soon (I hope!). Exceptionally well executed, a great length, with mesmerizing action and characterization this one truly earns its stars!


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