Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moonrise Available LSB

My erotic shifter menage, Moonrise, is out now with Liquid Silver Books. Click here to get yours!


Selene runs across the country to escape an abusive ex, straight into the arms of two fascinating men. She understands immediately there is something very different about the town of Moonrise. It isn’t long before her lovers show her exactly what that difference is—she’s stumbled upon a town full of shifters.

Her two wolves help her begin to heal and vow to protect her from the man responsible for her mental and physical scars. Slowly, she lets herself relax.

But deep inside, she knows the peace won’t last.

Her ex is full of evil, and men like that never go away.

But to the wolves in love with her, the word “never” doesn’t exist.

Contains: Menage, male/male sexual interaction, anal play, violence

Read Chapter One Here


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