Monday, March 19, 2012

Five Stars From Manic Readers

This review is from Manic Readers reviewer AlexJouJou and is for Dark Paradise. Part of it follows. To read the full review you can go here, and she also has a similar review of Dark Paradise posted on her GR page here.

Thanks Joellen!

5/5 stars!

"I have to say I've been reading Cassidy Hunter books for a while and while the first efforts I read were very good she is clearly passing the line into great now as she evolves. The setting here is sparsely described, in perfect keeping with the planet itself. The characters crash into your heart and you cannot help but love each of them for who they are. You cheer, you gasp, and you wince as the events unfold. Although this looks more like a SciFi dystopian novel I can tell you several times I gasped and held my breath. The suspense was positively electric. Then Dark Paradise went toward an ending I didn't expect, though it was in perfect keeping with the former part of the book. It leaves room open for the sequel which must be coming soon (I hope!). Exceptionally well executed, a great length, with mesmerizing action and characterization this one truly earns its stars!"

Dark Paradise