Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review for First Night

From Just Erotic Romance Reviewer Elizabeth Charles:

First Night was a very enjoyable, sexy story.

It is rare that I am taken aback by a plot, but this one was full of surprises.  The storyline could be perceived as slightly erratic by some readers, but I really appreciated the constant shift in expectations.  The writing was good, so the author was able to pull off the plot changes.   It became a bit of a horror story, and the plot was never headed where you think it was.  My one complaint was that Mila seemed to change her mind a lot about whether she wanted Lake or was mad or disgusted with him.  I liked the pacing of the sex between them because there was ample time to build up the sexual tension. Which made their eventual hook up even hotter and more satisfying. The sex scenes are steamy!  Be warned Mila does have sexual relations with another man in front of Lake at the beginning of the story but no actual sex.  If that bothers you, you might want to skip this book.  Also, there is a little more gore than usual in an erotic romance, but it isn’t too overwhelming.  The story was well written but the surprise ending was a little too flip for me.   I wish Mila had taken more time for self introspection and to mourn her actions.  But any complaints I had were minor because First Night was a good book.


Thanks, JERR and Elizabeth! I'm so happy you enjoyed First Night.

To go to Just Erotic Romance Reviews and read the full review, click here

Friday, November 11, 2011

That Time Of Year

My editor sent me edits to Dark Paradise last night. She told me DP is the best book I've written yet, and of course that made me happy! It's soft sci fi, which is strange considering I'm not usually a science fiction type of writer. I did really enjoy writing it though, and the sequel is coming along nicely.

So today I'm going to do edits, meet my word count on Lost Paradise, and study for finals.

Thanksgiving draws ever closer, so that means major grocery shopping, cooking, baking...and top to bottom housecleaning! And soon, the tree will go up! :)

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.