Saturday, October 22, 2011


I bought myself a Pontiac Grand Prix yesterday, and have spent this lovely Saturday driving it! Of course I had to go buy things for it; some scents, a sun visor wallet, jumper cables, a Hello Kitty beanie to keep me company ;), a couple of flashlights, emergency Tylenol because my own driving can sometimes give me a headache, fairy floor mats, a fairy steering wheel cover, things like that. You'd think I was furnishing a house.

Needless to say, today and yesterday have not been spent writing, but my editor has informed me that she's starting edits on Dark Paradise and will be sending those to me soon. In the meantime, I'm starting the homework I have been neglecting for my drugs class.

Day before yesterday I was wrapping Christmas presents. Can you believe that Christmas is in two months? I'm also the family cook so next month I'll be doing Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. I want to do NaNo, but am pretty sure I'm just not going to have time.


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Midterms are over, thank God. Now I can concentrate on writing. Luckily, though I was stressed and anxious and SURE I was in for, at the very most, a couple of midterm Cs, I aced the tests :)

I will be more relaxed for finals.


I've managed to get in some early Christmas shopping, too. I love when I get it all finished early. I'm not a last minute kind of girl!

It's such a beautiful Fall day today. I'm sitting with my computer by an open window, and after I've taken care of a few things, am planning on spending the day writing. I have an unfinished sequel to tend to ;)