Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Night

Danielle Ferries read first night and sent me a wonderful email. With her permission, I'm posting some of what she wrote about First Night. Thanks, Danielle! I'm so happy you enjoyed the book ;))

"...I think, alongside Beauty’s Beast, that this is my favourite of your books.

The imagery was so vivid and took me on the journey right there with Mila. Also, the sense of community Mila had that turned out to be so fragile was very tragic and I think you handled it really well. I do have a complaint though (if you could call it a complaint), and that is that I thought the book should have been longer J  There were parts in the story where I thought you could really have delved a bit more into things, but all in all, I loved the richness of the story, the different groups, the rules, the fear of being cast out. You really showed the fear well and also her conflict over her sense of belonging to her own community but wanting to follow love.

The anticipation to Menda’s Eve was done so well too—I wanted to rip through it to get to that scene but forced myself to slow down and enjoy the build up (not knowing what was ahead!) I love an against all odds story J  I also love the interesting twists and turns you take with your stories—I was not expecting Lake to take her away so soon and I’m always happy when the writer surprises me in this way.

So well done again J and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!"


Again, thank you, Danielle for not only letting me know what you thought of the book, but for letting me tell everyone else ;)

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