Friday, August 12, 2011

First Review for First Night

5 Stars for First Night!
Review is from Jarrah Dale at Goodreads

I pretty much only give 5 *'s to a book that I would gladly read again. And this is one that I would gladly read again.
My one word of advice?
Ignore the cover!!!!!!!! (Just to let everyone know, she thinks the cover is not dark enough to suit the book:))

There, with that done, here's why YOU should buy this book, NOW:

1. You like vampire stories, but you don't like them all warm and fuzzy. You want some danger to your read.

2. You like smutty interludes with odd creatures.

3. You like to mix it up with a dark -fairly tale like - read once in a while that grips you by your toes and makes you squeal!

4. You like girls and guys that are tough enough to do what they need to do, and don't mind seeing a few of the characters who gave the H/H a bad time coming to a bad end!

5. In summary, you like smutty fairy-tale-like dark stories about vampires who aren't as nice as they seem (pet, pet, but don't bite!) and like a read that will keep you turning the page for hours as a time.

So go BUY it already.

~review from Jarrah Dale @ Goodreads

First Night at Liquid Silver Books

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