Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Night by Cassidy Hunter

First Night has a release date of August 8 with Liquid Silver Books! And you can find it now (pre-order) at All Romance eBooks. Read chapter one here. Also available for Kindle at

Mila lives with her shadow and her people in a cursed clan. The Myaian men cannot get their women pregnant, and in order for their people to survive, sympathetic outsider clans determined to do their duty donate their men to the Myaian women; but only one man every few years.

When Mila is chosen, she is ecstatic. She wants a baby more than she’s ever wanted anything--at least until she meets the huge Ednian, Lake.

In spite of a rocky start, the two can’t deny the bonds that begin to form between them, both physically and emotionally.

Then Mila’s shadow nearly kills her and Lake, determined to get her and his future child away from danger, takes her damaged and unconscious to his people.

Mila isn’t about to let him rule her life. When he refuses to allow her to return to her village to see to her people, she sneaks away and runs straight to the arms of a nightmare.

Now her only hope of surviving is the man she left. Will he reach her in time to save not only her, but the child she carries?

First Night by Cassidy Hunter


  1. I am so stealing this for my place. I am posting this - this Thursday!!!!! I hope all is well honey! Hope you had a great weekend!
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  2. Hey Ce! I've been meaning to return your email for the last three days. I'm sorry I'm so slow! I'll get back to you asap! ;)

    Go read the first chapter of First Night on ARe when you get a chance:) It's up...

  3. Its okay honey, I know you are busy!!!!
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