Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sizzling Hot!

Because it was given a 5 star review, First Night is up for sizzling read of the month at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!

If you'd like to vote, the poll is on the right-hand side of the website. I would appreciate your vote ;))

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another 5 Stars for First Night and Beyond the Shadows!

Another 5 star review for First Night!

This one was written by Melissa from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews.

I'll paste a small excerpt below, but for the full review, click here.


"...Mila is a headstrong woman who understands her duty but is also a bit of a nymphomaniac. When she isn’t getting it on with Cho, she is unable to withstand Lake. But she is also compassionate and really does treat Cho and others like real people, not slaves unlike some of the other characters do. Lake is a strong guy but has a sensitive streak that isn’t always found in alpha males...

...First Night is a fun story that has adventure and a great deal of sex. If you are interested in reading about early societies and their traditions, as well as the love of a strong man and good woman, you will love First Night!"


Thanks, Melissa and Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!

First Night at Liquid Silver Books
First Night at ARe
First Night at Amazon

Also 5 stars for Beyond the Shadows!

This review comes from Cia at Siren Book Reviews. Thanks, Cia!


 "...Beyond the Shadows by Cassidy Hunter was a fantastic read. It’s apparent in the beginning that Sarah isn’t a follower and has an agenda of her own. I was sad to read of her treatment by her previous keeper, but think being there added great strength to her character...

While I didn’t exactly love him (Kai) in the beginning, there’s no denying that I loved the savage bedroom side of him..."

Click here for the full review

Beyond the Shadows at Loose Id
Beyond the Shadows at ARe
Beyond the Shadows at Amazon


Friday, August 12, 2011

First Review for First Night

5 Stars for First Night!
Review is from Jarrah Dale at Goodreads

I pretty much only give 5 *'s to a book that I would gladly read again. And this is one that I would gladly read again.
My one word of advice?
Ignore the cover!!!!!!!! (Just to let everyone know, she thinks the cover is not dark enough to suit the book:))

There, with that done, here's why YOU should buy this book, NOW:

1. You like vampire stories, but you don't like them all warm and fuzzy. You want some danger to your read.

2. You like smutty interludes with odd creatures.

3. You like to mix it up with a dark -fairly tale like - read once in a while that grips you by your toes and makes you squeal!

4. You like girls and guys that are tough enough to do what they need to do, and don't mind seeing a few of the characters who gave the H/H a bad time coming to a bad end!

5. In summary, you like smutty fairy-tale-like dark stories about vampires who aren't as nice as they seem (pet, pet, but don't bite!) and like a read that will keep you turning the page for hours as a time.

So go BUY it already.

~review from Jarrah Dale @ Goodreads

First Night at Liquid Silver Books

First Night at All Romance eBooks


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Sigh :)

The first review of a new release is always special. Well, at least is is if it's a good review ;)

Jarrah Dale from Goodreads just gave First Night a review you should read.

What are you waiting for? Go! ;))) And if you want to tell your friends about First Night, I won't argue.

First Night 

Nic from Scorching Book Reviews interviewed me, and if you comment on the interview, you could win some books. Dawn has posted a review of Beyond the Shadows. If you comment on the review, you could win some books. Everyone wants free books, so go comment for your chance to win! :))

Paranormal Week With Prizes!

Today is my day! I'm giving away Sanctuary and Asylum as one prize, a copy of Beyond the Shadows, and a copy of Strange Familiar. All you have to do for a chance to win is comment on Dawn's blog or Nic's Blog.

Good luck!


Monday, August 8, 2011

New Release and News!

So it's official: First Night, my erotic fantasy romance, it now out with Liquid Silver Books!

First Night is also at All Romance eBooks and Amazon.

TwoLips reviewer Merrylee gave Strange Familiar a fantastic five star (or five lips, I guess that would be) review. I'll post a snippet below, but be sure to go read the entire review. It's worth reading!

Here's part of the review:

"...The many-faceted plot is original and fresh. Ms. Hunter's demon world-building is so colorfully rich, I could easily imagine the textures beyond the colors, the fragrances beyond the author's olfactory descriptions.

I simply couldn't put this book down, and read it in one afternoon.

While written in a lighthearted vein, Strange Familiar runs the gamut of emotions. On one page, I laughed at Olivia's spunk and hilarious sense of humor, and on another, I cried with her through the pain of her forced separations from Kane.

Just when I thought the book was coming to an end, there was another twist and turn that grabbed me and tossed me in an entirely new and fascinating direction. And the sex between Kane and Olivia will smoke your shorts!

...This was my first experience with a Cassidy Hunter novel(la), and it definitely won't be my last. If you've never read Ms. Hunter's work before, I highly recommend you do and start with this one. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Doesn't that make you want to read the review and the book? ;)

You can buy Strange Familiar at Etopia Press, All Romance eBooks, and Amazon.


Perfect Man Event: Paranormal Week!

Stop by Nic's blog and Dawn's blog for your chance to win some amazing books and other prizes!

It's paranormal week!

Also, a reminder that First Night is released tomorrow with Liquid Silver Books. You can also find it at Amazon for the Kindle and at All Romance eBooks.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Night by Cassidy Hunter

First Night has a release date of August 8 with Liquid Silver Books! And you can find it now (pre-order) at All Romance eBooks. Read chapter one here. Also available for Kindle at Amazon.com.

Mila lives with her shadow and her people in a cursed clan. The Myaian men cannot get their women pregnant, and in order for their people to survive, sympathetic outsider clans determined to do their duty donate their men to the Myaian women; but only one man every few years.

When Mila is chosen, she is ecstatic. She wants a baby more than she’s ever wanted anything--at least until she meets the huge Ednian, Lake.

In spite of a rocky start, the two can’t deny the bonds that begin to form between them, both physically and emotionally.

Then Mila’s shadow nearly kills her and Lake, determined to get her and his future child away from danger, takes her damaged and unconscious to his people.

Mila isn’t about to let him rule her life. When he refuses to allow her to return to her village to see to her people, she sneaks away and runs straight to the arms of a nightmare.

Now her only hope of surviving is the man she left. Will he reach her in time to save not only her, but the child she carries?

First Night by Cassidy Hunter