Monday, June 6, 2011

Beyond the Shadows-Released Tomorrow!


Just a reminder that my erotic m/f fantasy/post apocalyptic Beyond the Shadows will be released tomorrow with Loose Id!

Excerpt: For Adults Only

He moved down her body, slithering like a muscular, beautiful snake. Using his elbows to support his weight, he stretched over her and lightly skimmed her lips with his.
“You taste of sunshine and mint,” she whispered and ran out the tip of her tongue to touch his.
He growled. “My cock throbs to be inside you.”
She laughed against his lips. “How romantic you are.”
“I never pretended to be, sweetheart. I want to fuck you. My mind doesn’t think of mint and sunshine.” He rubbed his hardness against the cradle of her thighs, slippery silkiness that robbed her of speech and breath.
His eyes darkened as he stared at her. “What do you want, Sarah?”
She gasped, her desire becoming a thing alive as he continued to slide against her. Tilting her pelvis, she tried to capture his cock, but he refused to enter.
“I want you.”
He positioned the tip of his erection at her opening, easing it in just enough to stretch her, and she shivered at that taste of things to come. Somehow, when she wasn’t looking, control had shifted. He seemed to be possessed of more of it than she’d ever been.
With a sudden, hard thrust, he was inside her, his hugeness filling her up. She fought for breath as the air caught in her lungs, her nails digging into his back, her fingers clutching in a spasm of shock at his entry.
Arching her neck, gasping, she felt him bite the tender space between her shoulder and neck, then immediately ease the sting with his tongue.
He pulled out, a long, slow slide she felt with every fiber of her being, a sensation that made her too weak to breathe. And before she could recover from the withdrawal, he slammed into her, pushing everything else from her mind. There was only this man, this moment.
He gazed down at her, and she couldn’t, didn’t want to, look away. Lips parted, eyes nearly black with heat, he stared at her as he fucked her. Faster and harder, until she wasn’t sure where he stopped and she began.
“Am I making you feel it?” he said, his voice gravelly and low.


Available June 7, 2011


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