Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Manic Readers

Manic Readers reviewer AlexJouJou posted a new 4 star review of Asylum! Click here for the full review.

There’s a new vampire on the scene. Malik (Arabic for Angel) manages to secure Logan’s assistance by asking for asylum with the wolves. However he has to make Kimberlyn so dependent on him that she will die without him in order to accomplish all that he wants and he has an agenda that won’t die. Kimberlyn, who is the healer, cannot overcome what Malik has done to her and she wonders whose side is Malik on and is he their fated fifth?

I really enjoyed reading Sanctuary so I was eager to sink my teeth (pun intended) into Asylum. The introduction of another race to the plot is not only intriguing but provides a real breath of fresh air (although when they find Malik he is neither fresh smelling nor breathing!).

I thought the continuity between the stories made it seem like two parts of a whole and the expansion of the world in Asylum really allows you to get to know the characters and each of their pieces of the puzzle. The intricacy of incorporating what’s happening with the community of were’s as well as the relationship between the main characters is tough to pull off and Ms. Hunter does an admirable job here.

Where this book really shines though is the sex—I cannot tell a lie. I’m a fan of BDSM and paranormal and so this hit just the right “spot” for me. No matter who or how many are getting down and dirty there is no shortage of sizzle! Writing ménage and more can be quite tricky—you can oftentimes forget who is where doing what—but Asylum makes you feel as if you are there with them and boy is it fun!

Thank you, MR and AlexJouJou. If you'd like to go to MR and read the full review, click here.


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