Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peek Into Asylum...

...through Elizabeth Silver's review!

Here are a few excerpts from her review. To read it in its entirety, visit Elizabeth's website here. To buy Asylum, click here.

...Asylum is a sequel to Sanctuary, but I don’t feel confused or left behind for having skipped the first book. It’s about Logan, alpha werewolf and pack leader, his enforcers Andrew and Elijah, and their mate Kimberlyn. They have a mystical sex magic bond going on that makes the sex between them extra crackly. Andrew and Logan seem to have already had a thing going on before Kimberlyn came into their lives, but Elijah is almost hysterical in avoiding any reminders that the other guys he shares his “Kimmy” with might get up to man-sexy things. Make of that what you will, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be right...

...Asylum has a lot of sex in it. So much that I can’t even try to bury my assessment of it at the bottom of the review like I normally would, because the sex is central to the plot. It’s well-written and hella hot...

...I wanted more of the crunchy vampire plot because of that. The fight scenes are graphic and gorgeous and masterfully done. It’s way too easy to lose the urgency of a fight scene, but Ms. Hunter really made me want to stick with each one to see the outcome, gory violence and all...

...Would definitely recommend. BRB, need to get Sanctuary now.

4 Stars

Thanks for the review, Elizabeth! :)



  1. vampires yay will definitely have to read but want to read first book first

  2. Hi Becca!

    Even if you don't read Sanctuary before reading Asylum, you shouldn't get lost. I hope you like them both ;)