Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Review of Strange Familiar

Cecile the Smutty Hussy wrote this wonderful review of Strange Familiar. Thanks, Cecile!


This book rocks! Ms. Cassidy gave me wit, humor, love, passion, pissed off fury, some serious witch kicking ass and of course some explosive hot smut! The pages never stopped turning on the Smutty Pad. Hell, I think I even heard her (the Smutty Pad) purring a couple of times at some of the heat coming from those pages. Oh this is just a tease... Just wait till I tell you more.

Ms. Cassidy allowed me to enter the world of Olivia... A witch who is losing her powers. Fading, growing weaker by the day. If she does not find her familiar... She could die. A witch needs her familiar, like we need air to breath. It is a part of who they are, no seriously the familiar is really a part of them. Not one for giving up, Olivia chases every creature she finds just to see if that is her familiar. That is the thing, a witch never knows who or what their familiar is until it kinda hits you smack dab in the middle of... Well, your whole being. So, the only thing as important as breathing to Olivia, is finding her familiar... Her other half. Olivia gets mocked at by her sister, pity from her mother and her dad... Well... he is her dad, what's he going say. Lol.

What I like about this part, is that witches live in a human world. They don't go around announcing their arrival or anything, but they live within the human society. Actually... a lot more other creatures live among the humans... they just don't know it. Ms. Cassidy did a great job at blending in those facts. Paranormal world within the human world. I mean just think if you found out your neighbor was witch...

**Cecile ponders... well Hell that would explain a lot about my neighbors, lol ~ anyway...*

What would you do... I mean she or he could Hocus Pocus your ass and then what?? So I think it is cool that she mixed the worlds together. But then she added in the demon world... The ugly, dark, hellish world. Not a place I would want to visit... Unless of course you do not mind becoming a shell of yourself to be a slave to the touch, taste, feel and need of sex. The demons in this world crave the physical touch. The need to drive you wild is what they live for, but that is all.

**Isn't that like most men, lol.. just joking out there...**

What happens when Olivia finds out her familiar is human... and not just a mousy human man. Oh no, her's has to a pissed off, drop dead gorgeous man ~ Kane. Pissed off because things are happening to him that he can't explain and he has an aunt who he thinks is a little loony telling him he is haunted by evil spirits. But he is desperate to try anything to be back to his old self. But there are things Kane does not know about himself... his precious aunt has been hiding from. And they could very well cost him his life.

Kane is a lawyer, a very good lawyer. And until a little while ago, he was on top of his game. But slowly, his strength, vitally, stamina and just every day things seem to be fading, slipping from him within his grasp. His aunt sends him to a woman who claims she can heal him.

**Rolls eyes here... He doesn't believe in hocus pocus witch stuff**

Kane was set on just getting rid of the whatever the hell he has as fast as he could and go back to the life he knew. But what was about to happen would rock his world and turn it literally inside out and upside down.

These two, Olivia and Kane, make a powerful story line. One male, all alpha and he-manish ~ fighting a battle he is not sure how to win. One woman, who is determined to keep what is rightfully her no matter the cost. But what are these two really willing to sacrifice to have what they truly want?

This book was really great! I mean, you have a Mama Witch protecting her baby girl, kicking some butt. You have some lying to others to protect the feelings and emotions of others. You even have some very dark stuff happening... Suspense, drama, ass-kicking and some hot sex... What more could you want, really? Hell, I wanted my own demon by the end of the book. I mean really...

**You know what they say about a man with big hands and big shoes.... Well if this book is any indicator about demons... Then where do I sign up**

Ms. Cassidy... You know I will be stalking you... waiting for more! Awesome book!!


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  1. Awww honey, you are to sweet! Thanks for sharing my review!! Hugs to you honey!!!!

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