Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Joyfully Reviewed :)

Here is a snippet of a new review of Sanctuary from Joyfully Reviewed!

Sanctuary is one highly intense and arousing story. These wolves are everything a wolf pack should be. I felt sorry for Kimberlyn when she didn’t have anyone, and thrilled when she discovered a wolf pack that would accept her. And when she discovers she doesn’t have to settle with just one member, but can have both, my heart pumped with excitement. Of course, her lot in life is not easy, but her adventure makes one great read. Ms. Hunter knows how to combine paranormal with the everyday world that will make you wish you could jump right into the story yourself. Great Job!

Click here to read the full review from Joyfully Reviewed's Klarissa


  1. Great review, but you knew I would say that already because this book freaking rocks!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Cecile! How are you? Things are fine here, just crazy busy :(

    Email me when you get time and update me on how you're doing, okay?