Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping Kai

So I can finally post about my news!

Loose Id offered me a contract for Keeping Kai! The contract has been signed and delivered, and edits have already been started. So...

That's my great news :)

I don't remember if I've posted on this site about Keeping Kai; I think I had the information about it on my Jane E. Jones site.

Keeping Kai is an erotic m/f primitive futuristic romance. Soon I'll get up at least a blurb, maybe a short excerpt.

I'm really excited about getting this book released, and very excited to have another book with Loose Id. I'll post more when I have a release date. :)

And for those waiting for Asylum, I'm almost finished writing it, then I'll clean it up a bit and be ready to send it in...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Etopia Press!

Hey everybody, there is a new publisher in town! I'll post again in a few months when Etopia Press has the official site up and on release day. They began taking submissions today, so be sure to check them out.



Friday, July 16, 2010


Sanctuary is now number four on ARe's best-seller list!

I have other, extremely good news, but I'm not allowed to talk about it just yet...

As soon as I get the go ahead, I'll post it ;) I just couldn't resist writing that I do have great news!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Leontine's Review

Sanctuary is still climbing the best seller list at ARe--you can follow its progress in the previous post, which I update each day--and got another fabulous review!

The lovely Leontine posted her review today, and I've put some snippets from it below. You can visit her wonderful site to read the full review :)

Thanks so much, Leontine!

From Leontine's review:

My review: When I was asked to review SANCTUARY I read the blurb and excerpt, and was intrigued by the wolf pack I met. Little did I know that by closing SANCTUARY I would feel like a girl scout who unexpectedly received a badge for her first F/F encounter and witnessing the beginning of a Ménage a Quatre...

...One of the things that stood out for me most was the realistic animal characteristics fused with the human side to create werewolf personalities who are capable of great passion, both in the negative as in the positive sense of the emotion. Hierarchy is paramount and the Alpha showcases his dominance with both attitude and physical force. I loved how the author vividly described the sensations in wolf form and made it all the more authentic in my eyes.

...I hope there will be more stories planned so I can follow up on the characters and overall storyline because the premise, like the characters, captured my attention for sure!

...Because if there is one other thing that I got a taste of is the powerful desires explored in this story. Sanctuary is an Erotica story with a capital E that contains lots of squirm-in-seat scenes ranging from M/M to F/F, Ménage a Trois and more. There may be a few moments of licentious behavior that made me raise my eyebrows but it fits within their wolf nature. It dared me to step outside what I’m used to and explore new ways of sex play...


Please visit Leontine's site for the full review, a sexy quote from the book, and discover all the other very in-depth book reviews and more she has on her website.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sanctuary is in the top ten best-seller list at All Romance Ebooks!

Top 10 All Romance Best Sellers

1. Belonging to Them
2. Luke
3. Colters' Lady
4. Sanctuary
5. Wolf Town
6. Slave Auction
7. Dark Horse
8. Wolfen
9. Love means...freedom
10. Out of Balance