Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review from The Romance Studio

Google found me this new 4.5 heart review of Sanctuary from The Romance Studio's reviewer Shannon. Thank you for the wonderful review, Shannon!

Leaving Los Angeles for Wolf's Grove is hopefully the first step towards Kimberlyn finding a place where she can let her true needs run free -- even if she is confused about exactly what they are. She longs to find a place of acceptance. Being a Were living among normal humans, she has had to hold tight on the reigns, afraid to let the wolf within her run free. Kim knows she needs lovers who can satisfy her desires for rough sex and submission. What she doesn't know is that with her ability as a Healer of her kind that she is incredibly valuable to any pack that can claim her as theirs.

Pack alpha Logan and his partner Andrew desperately need a third to strengthen their power and therefore their pack, protecting them form the Bears who want to take over their home. Both men know with one look that Kimberlyn is their girl but convincing her is going to be the problem. They are just going to have to fulfill every one of her deepest, darkest sexual desires to prove to her they are destined to be her mates. But time is running out and the Bears are out to get their hands on Kimberly and destroy the Wolves.

Ms. Hunter has created a well-crafted story that transports the reader into a world of sensual desires that comes on hot and heavy, holding the reader hostage to the vividly descriptive action that unfolds page by page. With Sanctuary, the author does an excellent job of drawing out every scene, creating passion that sizzles and danger that crackles as Logan, Andrew and Kimberly battle adversity, dominance and each other in their bid to save the pack and their bond.

Populated by strong-willed characters that jump off the pages and demand the reader's attention right from the very first page, this is a story destined for everyone's keeper shelf. Logan, Andrew and Kimberlyn are well-developed, dynamic and endearing characters whose explosive and impassioned connection is powerfully sensual. Kimberlyn is a courageous and brave heroine whose personality will appeal to the wild side that lurks within us all. The sex is dark, carnal and animalistic and should come with a warning label that reads, "Purely smoking hot with plenty of sexual wow!"

The climactic battle between the Wolves and Bears will have the reader on the edge of their seats as the tension heats and deadly battle takes its bounty. With the pulse pounding ending the author superbly sets the stage teasing the reader's imagination for the next chapter in this mesmerizing tale.

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