Monday, May 24, 2010

New Review!

Here is another killer review for Sanctuary from Cecile at
She is a reviewer for Night Owl Romance Reviews.
Thank you so much for the awesome review, Cecile!

I've posted snippets of her review below. For the full review and more fun stuff, visit her amazing, friendly, fun website ;)


This book is the shit. Omg... I started this book at night... and my eyes took me to slumber land... I was so desperate to know what happen and finish this book, I risked reading it at work!!! Sssshhhh, don't say that so loud. I do not need my boss to find out that I was reading at work, lol. Yes, you read right... I read it at work! I had to... OMG... if you only would know... I had to finish this book.

I have to say that Ms. Hunter rocked my world of paranormal. I never saw some of her curve balls coming. And let me say that when they came... omg... hold on your panties ladies (or men)!
This is a fantastic story of the paranormal world of the werewolves of Sanctuary..."

And she wrote--

"This story is not short on anything - I will start with the basic, alpha males (yes sex on a stick men and notice I said men... more than one), one brave as woman (Kimberlyn), a couple of sick as people (the villains), action to keep you entertained, some freaking hot sex that will make you sweat and a storyline that will leave you dying for more!!!! Ms. Cassidy's writing is done so well in the paranormal world that she created that there was no lost moments or times when I had to go back a few pages to understand what she was talking about. Her characters are strong and determined to make it - one way or the other. But when they come together.... oh my gosh!!!..."


"In this story, there are many obstacles to over come, many adversities to see through, the test of loyalty, and some kick ass action. Ms. Cassidy has done a fan-flipping-tastic job at weaving me into the world of Sanctuary. Kimberlyn just wants her freedom, did she sign up for female leader of the pack, did she announce to the world that she wanted to be a bargaining chip in a war that is waging in the wolves' own backyard? But when she meets this group, she cannot deny that her heart and soul are starting to overrule her logic in thinking this through. She feels the attraction to the men in this pack. But remember sex is her drug. And where there is a weakness... there is a villain to exploit that weakness..."

For the rest of Cecile's fabulous, fabulous review, go here.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, exhibitionism, ménage/moresome (m/f/m, m/f/m/m), same sex interaction (f/f), sex while in shifted form, voyeurism.

Cover Art by Valerie Tibbs

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Thanks again for the review, Cecile :)


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