Thursday, May 20, 2010

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By reviewer Peppermint:

What woman doesn't dream of finding a man that can handle her in the bedroom? This is even more important for werewolf Kimberlyn. All her life she has looked for a place to fit in and hopefully find a man who can tame the wild beast within her. So when she moves to a rural area in Kentucky she's thrilled to not only find one man who is up for the task but two.

The entire character lineup was likable in this story, especially the three main characters. I would have to say although I am usually a sucker for an alpha male so instinctively I thought Logan would have been my favorite. However I kept finding myself swaying in Andrew’s direction. Although he was not the alpha of the pack you could tell he definitely was a leader in many ways. And where Logan sometimes ruled with an iron fist, Andrew used his power of persuasion more often. Also I feel like he handled high stress situations even better than Logan seemed to. This in no way means that I disliked Logan, I just found it interesting. A secondary character I also really liked was Elijah. I especially enjoyed the way he and Kimberlyn bantered back and forth. I hope to see much more of all of these characters in the future.

The one thing I found unique about this plot was that the wolves had an ongoing battle/war with the Bears. I've seen many stories concerning wolves vs. wolves but haven't really see different species of were’s battling, although it makes sense since both are extremely territorial. Because of this I really enjoyed this conflict within the story. This conflict also contributed to numerous other problems within the separate groups so it definitely added more depth to the storyline.

The relationship did leave me with a few questions. Like why Logan seemed to be so harsh toward Andrew and Kimberlyn at certain moments when they where only doing what they felt was right. I also did not understand the way Andrew and Logan interacted in the bedroom. I mean Logan was the extreme alpha in public but Andrew came off a little more domineering in private.

This story was definitely spicy. I mean it had every type of sexual partner match up you can think of m/m, f/f, and f/m/m/m ... it really had it all. For someone like me who can really go for about anything sexually in stories, it made it a very interesting read. This is only the first installment of a series so it will definitely be interesting to see what happens next.

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