Thursday, May 20, 2010

Contest Winner

I put everyone's name on a slip of paper and into a bag, and asked my son to pick one...

So the winner of a copy of Sanctuary is--


Send me your email address and preferred format through my contact link, and I'll send you your book ;)

Congratulations and happy reading! (And just to make sure, you do know this is an erotic romance, right?:))

Thanks to everyone for commenting!

Oh! I almost forgot. The truth is, I'm bag obsessed. Seriously. ;) Danielle got that one right!


  1. Congrats Amy!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. She meant Arlene;) haha!

    Cecile, I had to come running over here when my email notified me of your message, just to make sure I hadn't gotten confused and put in Amy instead of Arlene!

    Just getting ready to email you back, Cecile :)
    I got in SUCH a good word count today! Thanks so much for the kind words...

  3. I think a handbag obsession is perfectly healthy :)

  4. I do too, Danielle! And perfectly normal! ;)