Thursday, May 13, 2010

Award and a Contest ;)

I've just been nominated by Fiona Vance for Lesa's creative blogger award, otherwise known as the Bald Faced Liar award. Yes. Well then.

Soooooo, seeing as how I've been nominated, I must now choose seven other writers for this lovely liar awa--I mean, lovely creative writer award. Then, I post seven statements; one truth and six lies, or six lies and one truth. At least I think that's what I'm supposed to do. I've already been way too confused today.

Here we go. Just choose the one lie and the six truths, or the one truth and the six lies. Or...just shake your head and look away, baby. Look away.

The seven lucky writers I nominate are: (drum roll please)

Danielle Ferries

Kiki Howell

Antonia Pearce

Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Pamela Turner

Jacquie Rogers

Rachel Jameson

And now, the six lies and one truth. Or the six truths and one lie. Or...nah, that's it;) So go on, guess!

I've also decided to randomly select one commenter to receive a free copy of Sanctuary! Because this has become a contest of sorts, I'll leave this open for a week before choosing a winner. On Thursday the 20th, check back to see if your name was selected. And even if you've already read Sanctuary, comment anyway. It's good for you. ;) Good luck!

And NOW, really, truly this time: the six lies and one truth, or the one lie and six truths. How many licks does it take...

1. I once swallowed an entire boiled egg on a dare.

2. Ellen DeGeneres once told me, personally, to get up and dance. Over the phone.

3. I was so eager to come into this world that my mother never made it to the hospital. I was born at home.

4. I am obsessed with bags. Handbags, shoulder bags, sling bags, shopping name it. If it's a bag, I want it.

5. My nickname as a child was Stewart. Don't ask.

6. I'm allergic to coconuts.

7. I collect rocks.


  1. I collect rocks too, but I hate handbags, and I crawled out of hiding just to say that number one is the lie. I mean, swallowing a bitty little egg in one mouthful, that's impossible.
    Thanks, my friend, for making your fun blog one of the last things I'll most likely get to read. If I find the origin of this chain and become a hero for punishing said villian, I'll return.

  2. Hey Arlene;)

    I can't give away the truth or lies just yet, but let's just say I DO like making things up! ;)

    If you find the chain starter, let me in on the punishment, would you? Especially if it involves tickling.(pssst, don't say I told you, but I think it was that Kiki woman. Uh huh. She's the one who started it, even if she blames it on me.)

  3. Now wait just a minute here! My name is on your blog (with date and time of post - evidence A) before my post! Just saying! Sheesh!

    I think the only truth up there is that you collect rocks! Ha Ha!

    BTY - I was called Stevie as a child for a while!

  4. Omg! Somebody must have hacked my blog and wrote that about you, Kiki! Is nothing safe anymore? Gosh. Dang it, where is my angel icon? ;)

    Also...why does everybody think I collect rocks? Seriously. Rocks? Haha:):)

  5. Fiction writer!!! That means you make things up but they appear to be plausible. All except collecting rocks, of course. Oh wait, I collect rocks. Nevermind. I vote for 6 lies (but very entertaining lies) and 1 truth.

  6. Hi Jacquie! So which one do you think is the true one then?;) And better yet, are you going to do this oh so fun little game and post it on your site?:)

  7. And your definition of fiction writers? Perfect. We just can't help ourselves, can we?;)

  8. Okay... I will give this a shot in the dark and say that the truth shall set you free... or is that If you are going to lie make it good... Humm.. lmbo... Oh well... I believe your one truth is that you were born at home... Okay.. so I do not know you that well... But I am liking what everyone else wrote, lmbo!!!

  9. Cecile, haha! I think you should do this little game and post it on your blog. It is kinda fun ;)

  10. What great fun. I think it's true about the coconuts.

  11. Hi Rowena! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting:) I just visited your website, you're a fascinating woman! Coconuts, eh...

  12. What? My little brain can't take much more! LOL I vote for six lies and one truth.

    Congratulations on your nomination and Sanctuary reaching #1. :-)

  13. Which do you think is the truth, Pamela? Just because I'm curious like that ;)
    Thanks for the congrats! What is your news?:)

  14. I'm guessing #3. Just seems plausible. LOL

  15. It IS plausible! Maybe not in my case, but still;)

  16. Sorry I'm late to the party. Hmmm, so many to choose from. I love handbags and am guessing you do too so maybe that one...

    Thanks for the nod, I've done this one before but will try and think up some new ones :)

  17. You're fashionably late, Danielle, so that's okay. ;)
    Thanks for commenting! I look forward to seeing yours :)

  18. Ooh, hope I'm not too late either-- I know it closes today... Stupid internet wasn't working last night, or I would have popped over then!

    Oh well. Even if the contest is over, just wanted to stop by and say "Hi". Enjoyed reading your truths and lies list-- wonder which is which... Hmm... ;)


  19. Hi! I'm glad you came by. Yes, it does end today, but I'm going to end it this evening. Good luck! :)