Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are Captchas the Root of all Evil?

Would you be more likely to leave comments on a website if you didn't have to do the word verification step? Take the poll in the left sidebar and let me know!


  1. Guess I am the odd ball... I really do not care about the word verification thing. Sometimes it is quiet amusing! But when I have to enter my name, email and blog name, and shoe size and bra size and what I had for dinner.. then I just skip it. It is the thought that counts right... oh that is present time... ooppss lmbo!!
    Have a great day honey!

  2. Cecile, you are too much! ;)

    Some of them don't bother me, but the ones where you can't tell an 'I' from a 'W'...those I can do without!

    Back to writing! You have a great day as well, and thanks for coming by and commenting ;)

  3. hey hon! lol... just speaking the truth honey! i am waiting for the next verification to have all that information, lol.
    but i know what you mean... i hate those close letters that look a like.

    Oh more writing.. yayayayaya!!!
    You are more than welcome on my visis! I love your place!
    Have a great night!